Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I've been very busy on these Christmas' Eve, prepared things for tomorrow and went to Church.
No, there's no party, since my family is a multi-religion family.
Christmas is a special day, but "not that special" in my family.
New Year's eve is more a special day for my family, because every member of my family could celebrate it.
I made this picture on the December 1st, can you read what the amigurumi said?
"ho ho ho it's December"
tomorrow, I will have a vacation with my family, and when I coming back, it'll be no longer December.
So today will be the "deadline" to post this picture.
too bad it didn't work as I planned.
Yeah, you may have guessed that this is the amigurumi I made for the secret project.
so what's the secret project?
La la la... just wait, I don't even know when to reveal it.

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