Friday, January 15, 2010

Mini Me

So there's a forum in Live Journal called "We Love Amigurumi".
You could've guess by its name, it is a forum for amigurumi lover.
There is an activity called "amigurumi-along" which means making amigurumi based on the themes. And this January's theme are seasons or mini me.

I pick the mini me, because I think it is a perfect theme for a new month in a new year, since all I'm thinking this January is me, myself and I.
why? Because when I am making my new years resolutions, I must considerate and think about myself, right?

Well, this mini me is only represent about 30% of my real me.
First, mini me is just about 7cm while me a lot taller.
I don't have the right yarn color for my skin tone, mine is a lot darker than mini me's skin tone.
I always wear glasses. I tried to make glasses for mini me, but failed :(

But.. But... But....

Both me and mini me had bangs! YAY! (errr... actually there's nothing to be proud of)
Me and mini me love pink clothes and white shoes.

Me and mini me love to sleep almost everywhere, but prefer to daydreaming than having a real dream at siesta time :D
But of course, don't you ever wake us up, you won't know what kind of monsters we'll become.

I want to have a bulldog someday... for now, mini me got a mini bulldog. The bulldog is a phone strap I bought in Vietnam made by leather, cute right?


  1. Well, I think your mini-me is amazing!

  2. uwaaa...cutee :D
    kayanya susah ya bikin tangan & kakinya karena kecil banget.
    pake jarum no brp & benang apa ?

    phone strap bulldognya juga lucu :D

  3. @Minttusuklaa: thank you :D

    @Ira: thanks. Ngga susah kok, hanya sedikit sakit mata karena harus melotot hehe. Pake jarum no 2, benang katun merk panda/peniti