Friday, January 22, 2010

Boo the Humpty Dumpty Boy

I've posted this picture last month, but I haven't posted the story, right?
This is Boo, a Humpty Dumpty
No, Boo is a Boy, a common boy.
Boo is the main character from my latest animation:
Boo& Bey's Ways To Save The World
the animation was an entry for CGS' Multimedia Contest

Well since it is a knitting blog, let's talking bout the Boo-gurumi.
I made it in a few days, from the last week of November till the first of December.
I made it of course to promote my animation, just in case there I need some vote :D
Well I didn't win, I never used Boo-gurumi to get some votes, but no regrets.
Made Boo-gurumi as similar as Boo in the animation is quite an achievement for me.

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