Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mr Tooth Froggy

I don't know about winter, summer, spring or autum, my favorite season is the rainy season.
I love umbrella, I love the rain, and I love frogs!
I love their song, and I love how they are boosting up their "ribbit" energy to call the rain :D

I have made 2 frog amigurumis before, both are based on someone else pattern.
The giant frog was actually my very first amigurumi I ever made. See, this is the only time I ever use gigantic yarn for amigurumi. The pattern was from here. The picture below is officially his first picture. You could see the second frog here.

For my third frog, I made him by my own version.
The Grinning Frog, or I love to call him Mr Tooth Froggy.
I accidentally get this idea when making sketch of my self for mini me
... OOPS NO! I'm not a frog!

Somehow, instead of using yarn, I wanted to make the teeth by "real teeth".
I failed of course, because no body voluntary give their teeth.
So I made the teeth by clay.
It took a lot of time, from asking my cousin cause I know nothing about clay, waiting for the weekend to buy the clay, and finally learning to make the teeth.
I'm not good at waiting, but I really love the result, the perfect white teeth, soon I'll make another amigurumi like this.
Just wait, hopefully I still have some time to make amigurumi after the crazy daily work at the studio.... Hu hu hu... T-T

more pictures of Mr Tooth Froggy at my flickr

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