Friday, December 4, 2009

a month without amigurumi

Due to some personal project I was working at, I was almost spent a month without making amigurumi.
I never thought that I would miss or feel bad of not making amigurumi for so long.
I had a few ideas last month, but I just couldn't make it when I wanted it.
My schedule last month are pretty messed up. I had planned on making the secret project, but I hadn't anticipated that I had to work overtime last month. And to made it worse, I got a flu too! I didn't take a day off when I had the flu, and unfortunately I couldn't take a day off last month.
At the end of the month, things were getting better. I got used to the crazy new job at the studio, and I had finished the secret project.
So I spent the last three days of November to make an amigurumi. I finished it before 12.00 pm of the last day of November. Because I thought it would be perfect to post it on December 1st. But ... But... But....
The amigurumi is connected to my secret project, I have to keep it as a secret for a while for the best moment , which I don't know how long is a "while". I miss-counted, so I have to wait to post the pictures of my newest amigurumi.
I hope it is no longer than 2 weeks :(

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