Saturday, December 3, 2011

Le Chat Botte

born in France, people expect me to be able to speak French.
I moved to Indonesia when I was 4 years old, then got brainwashed by Indonesian education, so I don't remember anything about France.
it's common in Indonesia, that children learn to read and write in kindergarden or pre-school. But I didn't back then.
I barely speak Indonesian, and I think I was the only one who unable to read.
all I can remember of my early years in Indonesia were being punished by teachers and crying. Oh I hate those days.
I had to learn to speak, reading and writing in Bahasa, so my French is erased by the time.
anyway, I kept a storybook, one of my favorite book, tho I can't read it.

"Le Chat Botte" or Cat in Boots. I love the illustrations where the cat is not just plain cute but also a little bit evil and smart.
Since last week I watched "Puss in Boots", I think I need to make the amigurumi, but based on Tonny Ross' illustration.

shame on me, I failed, but this post is dedicated to the great Tonny Ross :p
as an animator, also as a knitter, I wish someday I could make characters as good as the characters he made.

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