Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Cristmas and Hapy New hair

I didn't make anything Christmas this year (actually never made it)
it's silly to make snowman and the bearded Santa Claus in red suit cause it's hot in here.
I don't like gingerbread (the taste) and that candy cane, I don't want to have a toothache.
I think Indonesian need new Christmas tradition, cause there's nothing unique in Christmas in Indonesia (or I haven't find it yet).

Anyway, it's new year's eve!
Thank you, 2011 for the very challenging year.
Being unemployed for the half of 2011, then get a new job at the very last of 2011, oh that's so challenging!
I tried many things this years, from opening a booth in a bazaar, took some keyboard and vocal course (but I quit lol)
Finally bought my very first desktop with my own money.
Took a trip to Karimun island with my friends, getting sunburns.
Won an amigurumi contest and another animation contest.
Moved to Jakarta and living alone for the very first time.
Meet a  lot of new friends, and get many chances and facing many options.

So when anybody asking what to do for next year, it's hard to answer it, cause I think I need something new and more exciting.
it's a tradition to have something new for the new year.
I just start to work again I can't afford a new shoes or new clothes yet, so the easiest thing to do is to have new hair :)

so Merry Christmas and Happy New Hair!!!!

 made this doll's hair based on my new short hair and asymmetrical hair bang

 new hair, old bag, the bag is designed by @ayangcempaka from cocomomo

New books,  birthday gift from my sister :)
ah, now you can guess what's my next plan

a peek at the "Kids Learn to Knit" book by Lucinda Guy & Francois Hall
don't you thin the illustrations are to cuteeeee :)


  1. what's an excited year for you .. well done :)
    Keep going for this year ... i do love your amigurumi style and am waiting to see them again in this year too..

    Happy new year 2012 :D

  2. Hi @ahmaymet thank you, happy new year, and hope you'll have an exciting year ahead too :)