Sunday, December 11, 2011

OMGrumi: Syahrini

2011 is almost over, it's too early to conclude the year,
but so far, for me this year is "sesuatu banget", or let me say it's Syahrini's year.
Syahrini is an Indonesian singer, a good one actually.

 Syahrini a.k.a Miss Sesuatu (Sesuatu = Something)

This year she gained a lot of attention because of her phrases, "sesuatu banget".
Nothing special about the phrase's meaning, but it was become a trend, everyone now saying "Alhamdulilah ya, sesuatu banget"
Alhamdulilah is an Arabic word to express gratitude , and "sesuatu banget" means really something.
More or less the phrase means, Thankfully, it is (or was) really something.

 "Alhamdulilah, ya, Sesuatu Banget" said Syahrini

Lately Syahrini become a trending topic again because of her "Jambul khatulistiwa" (Equatorial Hair bangs).  Nothing special about that hair bang, except that she wore it to welcome David Beckham and La Galaxy soccer team.  Many people mock Syahrini because of her appearance and attitude, especially because there are not many people so lucky to get a chance to meet Beckham (see the picture here)

 Syahrini, Jambul Khatulistiwa and that orange dress

anyway, I pick Syahrini as my first doll for my OMGrumi series. The series is about OMG thing, could be OMG you're so awesome, or OMG WTH are you thinking, but mostly is about celeb, real people.
Don't worry, famous people, I made this only for fame, not for money, so please don't sue me, I'll do my best to keep polite and respect you all.

 Syahrini for OMGrumi

People will forget the "sesuatu banget" phrase and the "Jambul Khatulistiwa" (and the orange dress she wore that time), but I don't think there's anyone better to represent the 2011 than Syahrini.
like I wrote, 2011 is "sesuatu banget".  it's not a bad nor a good year, 2011 is "really something".