Thursday, December 22, 2011

Orangutanku #11 1/2 : Mini Orangutan

I recently getting older.
Got a back pain, stiff arms, and a creativity block.

Since I'm living at Jakarta, I don't read newspaper and I don't watch TV cause there's no TV and newspaper.
The internet connection is so limited in my place, I could only read some news from the newsfeed from social medias, not the most reliable source, but it's better than nothing.

I found out that recently Indonesian people started to care (more) about Orangutans, because of some bad incidents exposed.  I hope it would rise people awareness to save orangutan and you might find some more effective way to help than my Orangutanku project.

wanna save Orangutans? grab your phone/ smartphone and find your way to help them :)

Wanna Save Orangutans? Go browse the net, there's a lot of way to save them!

right now, I'm unable to make Orangutanku doll because I don't have the materials so I made a mini orangutan. Using Anna Hrahovec's tiny amigurumi technique, I knit the mini orangutan.
It took 2 days to make it, a lot much longer than usual, and a hell of back pain cause I don't have a couch to sit on while knitting, but it was nothing compared to the people at the orangutan conservatory have done.  I'm proud of them :)

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