Sunday, March 21, 2010


I watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 2 weeks ago
The characters are amazing, the chesire cat is cute, but my favorite is Bandersnatch.
SO.. I made the amigurumi version of Bandersnatch, based on my sketch, based on my foggy memories of the movie.
I totally forgot that I could use google for getting the image of Bandersnatch.
And actually, Tim Burton's Bandersnatch images are rarely found on google.
So, please forgive me for shamelessly call this as "Bandersnatch", cause I knew I missed many details.
I really love this character, so maybe someday I made a better Bandersnatch amigurumi.

NEWS UPDATE (November 10 2011):
this Bandersnatch is not for sale, and since it was made using special yarns (which is not always available), it's impossible to recreate this plushy. I'm very sorry that I could not provide pattern for this toy, since it was made a long time ago.


  1. Hello,
    My name is Tonya and I absolutely I LOVE THIS!! I've been looking for a Bandersnatch Stuffed animal for forever. Please Please Please, email me how you made this, OR please sell it to me. You can reach me at
    Thank you :)

  2. Hello! I've been looking for this as well
    can you also sell this to me?

    contact me at

  3. hi¡ please i had been searching for a toy of the Bandersnatch for many time , but i'm spanish and in spain there are not many stores with toys of alice in wonderland and please , shall you give me a tutorial or a video for how to do that toy please? i love it T.T thanks
    my msn is,send it to this mail , thank you

  4. replies sent directly to your mails :)
    thanks for leaving the comments

  5. Ok, so this has inspired me to learn how to crochet. amigurumi. I'm pretty sure I can figure out the body, seems pretty standard, but the head... lol anyway you could give me a few tips on the head?

    (Its Tonya again lol email is still

  6. Hi Tonya, please read this, I wrote it especially for you :)

  7. Hi, I was wondering if you have any type of guide or know where I can find one so I can crochet a bandersnatch. My email is , thanks, Mikayla

  8. Hi, Mikayla
    here's a guide for to crochet a bandersnatch head

    it's only for the head part, I don't write the guide for the rest parts.

  9. Oh my gosh! If you are still selling any of these, please send me an E-mail! @