Saturday, February 28, 2009

About Zpiderdzigh

Lately, I am crazy about knitting and crocheting, that the knitting and crocheting part begin to dominate my main blog. So I think I need to put this part into a different blog.
I'm a designer but when I am knitting, I don't even think of any design, I'm just knitting and follow other's patterns. At first I was knitting and crocheting for spending my spare time, beside playing video games. And then I knit so I don't have to think about my future which make my headache. Now, I knit so I can be a knitted doll or crocheted doll designers.
Of course it is different than making graphic designs for my daily job. But both are fun. I haven't learn any 3D graphic software, but of course my dolls are 3 dimensional. So I think now I may add "experienced in 3D designs" in my portfolio. :D
As my another blogs, any comment will be appreciated. (as long as it is good)

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