Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ibey Gurumi

I saw a lot of people made an amigurumi version of their pets, so i made mine

I made the amigurumi almost like what I planned, but when I almost finished,
I thought she wasn't looked like Ibey (read like Ebay).

Ibey is the dog in the right.
The zombie-looking dog.
The left dog is Kupir (read: Coo-Pear), Ibey's son.

When Ibey's young, she looked like Kupir, but she is white.
Now Ibey is really old, her eyes are blind.
Sometimes she scare me by sleeping with her eyes wide open.
despite of her look, she is a well-loved dog, and she still sharp!

So.... I change the Ibey-gurumi's eyes into gray eyes.

And I made her some clothes.
(yes, I said "no skirt", but I still made her skirt)


  1. Looks amazing... Of course, it kind of looks more like a white rat than a dog, but it is a fantastic amigurumi anyway. kudos!