Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bobble cowl

I don't like knitting/ crocheting wearable things cause I'm living in a tropical zone, wearing knitted shawl or sweater would be a torture. Even for money, I don't like knitting shawl, so forget it, I won't make shawl for anyone else, not even for my boyfriend or whoever.
BUT, when I was browsing for free pattern at Lionbrand, I saw some cowls,  I thought I could give it a try.  I meant, it's not that LONG shawl, and I could use a cowl to for my trip at weekend.
I don't like bringing jacket, so a cowl would be perfect, especially to protect my golden voice :)

I "only" spent 10 hours (nonstop) making a cowl using bobble stitch.
I adapted the pattern from a Russian pattern found via Pinterest (Yes, I instantly love Pinterest!).
I pinned some other tutorials and various crochet technique too, so I think I will try making many other things in the future.

PS: Where's the amigurumi?  it's in my bag, will share it as soon as I took the picture :)

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