Monday, October 15, 2012

Burung Kakaktua

after spending few last months doing serious task, it's time to have some seriously fun amigurumi time.  Yay!!!
let's start by singing a folk song "Burung Kakaktua" (the Cacatoo).

Cacatoo in Indonesian is "Burung kakaktua", if translated would means Older Sister/brother bird.
What's unique about the bird is it can talk (imitate human speech). And don't forget its cute mohawk :)
the real one doesn't have pink cheek, tho :p

Lyric translation:

Cacatoo (bird), standing at the window.
The grandmother is old, she only got two teeth.

Tek Dung Tek Dung Tek Dung Lalala (humming)

Cacatoo bird.

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