Thursday, September 27, 2012

life sucks, I'm going emo, I'll stop writing

Life sucks, I'm going emo, I'll stop writing.

I really enjoyed writing this blog. Really. TRULY.
and my life is not that sucks. I'm good. Thankfully, I'm good.

I broke my netbook, that's an old story, and I borrowed my dad laptop (also an old story),
the laptop's spec is better than mine, but... no card reader!
I hate blogging without showing pictures, FRESH pictures.
I could borrow the card reader from the office, then uploading the picture from the office
or copying the files through my portable DVD then move it to the laptop.
or buy a cheap card reader
but, no, that's not the way I work.
I meant, really?
how many minutes wasted?  and editing picture at the office is suck!
I'm an artist too and I have my own method!

so it's another dumb excuse to stop updating this blog.
but, that's what happened.
a friend complained because I'm still whining about my broken netbook,
sorry for that.

just a couple more weeks and it will be back.

and here's a lot of smile, so you know I'm good.
:) :) :) :)

*ah yeah, it's only emoticons, told you, I don't have card readers & I hate using web cam

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