Saturday, May 1, 2010

1000! what's next?

Finally this blog stat counter has reach 1000!
YAY! thanks to all of you, it won't happen without you.
compared to other blogs, this 1000 is only a small number,
but I'm happy enough, so the next goal is to reach 5000

to celebrate this 1000, I decided to finally --take a deep breath-- start selling my amigurumis.
right now I have been making some amigurumi for my "store".
while the past amigurumi were made only for my hobbies, the new amigurumi are made specially for the store.

what's the difference?
well the hobbies-amigurumi are made to be kept, and the store amigurumi are made to be sold.
the hobbies amigurumi were made mostly without pattern, so I won't be able to make same amigurumi.
meanwhile Some of the hobbies amigurumi were made by other's pattern and some were copyrighted so I am not allowed to sell them.

just send me e-mail to if you are interested with any of my amigurumi collections.

For the store, I'll make sure that the amigurumi I'm selling is 100% my creation, by my design and my pattern.

Don't worry, opening store won't stop me from sharing free pattern. It's a promise :D

So where are the new amigurumis?
I haven't uploaded the pictures, since I'm planning to open a stand in a local bazaar.
I'm still waiting for they confirmation.
if it is okay and confirmed, it would be the launching day of my store.
wish me luck :D


  1. Hi zuperdzigh. I'm happy that Poo has inspired you. Sure, you can make fan art about him... as long as you post a link to this blog along with your creation. Deal? :)

    These amigurumis you create are super cute! With Poo become one? If so, I might just have to buy one!

  2. Hehe.. Thanks, for allowing me,
    I had not yet begin anything with the "poo", but I'll do my best :D