Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Recently, I love to read Mythfits a blog comic by Justin Winslow.
The story is about Unicorn who is in love with Robot (well, just read it, you'll love it)
the characters are unique, and beside The Unicorn and the Robot, my favorite character is The Poo.
Yes, you read it right, the Poo, stinky poo.
He might be smells funny, but all He want is to be loved.

I saw many crochetted poo, and I thought that I wouldn't make something like that.
But ever since I saw "the Poo", I really want to make the amigurumi version of him.
and here it is:

I wanted to make some photo session in my front yard, but all I made are some crappy picture. (Wait I did take pictures of "Crap", right?)
My dogs were not co-operating in this photo session.
Maybe the Poo really smells funny :D

"NOO, what is that smelly things!"


  1. I LOVE him!!!! You did an excellent job! The eyes... the smile... the little curly tip of Poo. You rock! And thank you for the mention on your blog. I have to share your Poo with my readers, okay? :)

  2. Hi zuperdzigh! I wanna feature your version of Poo on my blog in the next week. Is that okay? :)

  3. Hi Justin
    Of course it's okay :D

    and thanks for the compliments :D

  4. PS: sorry for the long replies

  5. He is adorable, keep up the awesome work! =}