Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pigrate and the shark

before there is Pirate of Caribbean at Disneyland, there was Piraten in Batavia at Europa Park.
Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia was once called Batavia.
the funny thing is no Indonesian teacher (at least not mine) ever taught that Indonesian ancestor were pirates.

But I personally do believe Indonesian were real pirate
based on the Pirate speak from yarr,
it is mentioned:

If it be helpin', start yer sentence wi' a "Arr, me hearty," in a deep, throaty voice — ye'll find that the rest be comin' much easier.

Believe me, Indonesian really love to say "Arr" here and there, especially when they heard someone who can't pronounce "Arr" correctly.
somehow Indonesian spell the letter "R" differently.

you don't believe me?
try read this out loud to Indonesian:

"Ular besar melingkar-lingkar di pagar pak Umar"

(translation: the big snake crawling at Mr Umar's fences)
and see how they react to your "R"

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  1. hahahaha, lucu bgt ken des...
    gw juga dolo cadel, n waktu SD blajar ngomong "rrrr" pake kata2 keramat itu...^^b