Saturday, October 26, 2013

NomNom's Story

I was participating on a short animation idea competition held by BIAF (Baros Animation Festival).  So I made a story, design character, storyboard, and of course the concept of an animation.  The theme was deforestation and reforestation.
The character for my animation named NomNom, a monster who lives in the forest and eat everything. He can eat as much as he can, and once he started, he can't stop before everything is gone.

NomNom the Monster

NomNom and The Forest.

NomNom and the trophy

yup.. We won the first prize :)

by the way before the competition ended, this doll kinda freaked me out.  that day I was so tired, and I thought this doll was moving on its own.  creepy.  But I think now that he got the trophy, he is happy and won't scare me again.

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