Thursday, October 24, 2013

Remember Lulu?

remember Lulu and The Sheeps?

I made an animation about Lulu and the sheep at 2011.  If you read my zuperdzigh blog, then you can watch the animation there. Or you can also go to Hellofest 9 at Jakarta this year, cause Lulu is one of the animations which will be screened on the final round :)
Lulu is a 2D animation inspired by the amigurumi dolls.  so, yes it's a 2D not a stop motion though I really want to make a stop motion using my amigurumi.
and I made it!  I made a very short stop motion using my amigurumi.  I never published it anywhere else. So, don't miss it.  Only on Hellofest 9,  you can watch my first ever stop motion.  The title is "Simalakama" and it's one of the finalist for the 8 seconds movie category.

You can find more info about Hellofest by clicking this picture below.

or just visit

see you at Hellofest 9 ;)

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