Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let's join the Kartini's Day Parade

Kartini is the pioneer of woman rights in Indonesia.
She was not the only emancipation heroine, but we celebrate Kartini's birthday as the emancipation day at April 21 every year.
Kartini who was born in an aristocratic family, founded a school for girls, at that time it was uncommon for girls to get formal education.
by the way, that time the learning method was the student write the lesson on their personal chalkboard, read it over and over until they remember, then erased it.  it looks like using iPad or tablet without memory :p
Back to Kartini's Day, at Kartini's Day the children usually wear traditional costume, complete with hairdoos (and the make ups).  I still don't know what the corellation between woman emancipation with traditional costume, but it's a tradition and it's fun (except for children, maybe).

This year,  @rajutanmama will hold a one day workshop with various knitting and crochet workshop.   it will be held at  28 April 2013 at Learning Lounge, Plasa Semanggi.

mark the date: 28 April 2013

one of the workshop material is amigurumi (with me as the instructor).  it's Kartini's Day so we will make Kartini amigurumi - finger puppet.  it's very simple, and easy to modify once you learn the basic, so we will have a tiny Kartini parade :)

You knew the ABCs, now let's learn crocheting amigurumi :)

This one is my Kartini finger puppet with a tiny hair bun, come make your own version and let's have a parade :)

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