Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nova Ladies Fair near the Hellofest

So I spent my last weekend at Hellofest.  Before I went to Hellofest, at the Senayan's Swimming Pool,  I went to Nova Ladies Fair 2013, which was held nearby.

Nearby. as in you see on google map, that it's in the same area.  that Google Map only show you the big area called "Senayan" and "Gelora Bung Karno".  There's no map on "Plaza Barat Senayan" (east Senayan Plaza) and "Komplek kolam Renang Senayan" (Swimming Pool Area).
Just so you know, Senayan is where the professional athletes do their training.  There are soccer field, tennis hall, running track.  what was said as nearby is about an hour of walking.  I spent the rest of the day at Hellofest Senayan.  not to mention I almost lost when I was going back home.  I was tired, sleep deprived, not familiar with the area, bad eyesight, the area was dark, my phone's battery was on its last bar, I was alone and.... there are no public transportation.   Luckily, after walk about 10-15 minutes, there was a taxi.

I was so tired that I decided to stay at home the next day, and not attending the closing ceremony of Hellofest.   It's not that I hate to walk to the venue again, I just scared to going home from the venue later at night.  what if there's no taxi?

however... Back to the Nova Ladies Fair, I met some of my knitting buddies, and....
Do you see what I see?

Yes, it's the kuda lumping amigurumi, hanging out with the other amigurumi made by Hanna.  Oh and that's Mbak Oty :)

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