Sunday, November 24, 2013

Not another excuse, Des!

I don't know what happen to my knitting& crochet activity, except that I haven't do it for a long time.
when I was at work, I thought that it would be fun to crochet something instead of clicking the mouse.  But when I'm not at work, I don't knit too.
my new boarding house now have a TV with subscribed TV cable, I now could knit while watching Walking Dead. but:
1. The mosquitos love watching TV too.
2.  The TV is so old, everytime the walkers appeared, the TV turns dark.  (I'm old enough to watch gory stuff!).  Watching FOX Channel in HD is also useless, cause the problem is with the TV.
so I gave up on watching The Walking Dead *sigh.

Although I didn't pay for the AC, my room now is cooler than my last room, it's quite comfortable to knit inside the room.  but I don't.  I have a new toy named iPad. Before I got one, I thought, it would be easier for me to knit while looking at the pattern on my iPad.  yes, it's easier to look for a pattern, as well as a lot of application.  Long time before I'm a knitter, I was a gamer.  
I feel bad for the abandoned and unfinished amigurumi.... but I can't stop myself from playing games.

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