Monday, June 28, 2010

The duridurirams

Do you remember about this sneak peek I made last month?
I was waiting for my online store opening (let's say etsy), but due to many problems, it won't happen any sooner :(
So...I don't think I have no reason to make you wait any longer to meet the Duridurirams

"We are Duridurirams, the smiling cactus in pot"

"What we do is just smile and stand sti...Where's the Yellow Duriduriram?"

"ehm.. well One of us get bored of standing still"

"I meant, some of us get bored sometimes"

"No, actually standing still in a pot is boring!"

"Why do we have to stay still in pots while we can go and hanging out?"

There are 5 Duridurirams with 5 different flowers (pink, purple, green, yellow, and blue)
All made by cotton yarn, clay teeth, and plastic eyes
they are about 6cm height and very light
The Duridurirams are available for adoption for 70000 IDR/ each
they don't really like to stay in pots, but you'll get free pot for every Duridurirams adoption :)

and guess what? there's a cute pouch as a bonus for every doll adoption,
exclusively made by my Mom :)

more cute picture at my flickr

Thursday, June 24, 2010

OrangUtanku #4: Jerry

Do you remember Ginanjar?
Jerry is Ginanjar's Brother

Made by exactly same ingredient and same amount of love.
let's say, they are same species, and there will be more Orangutan dolls like them.

But handmade dolls are never identical, Jerry is very special

He was born as a clown, the kind one, not the scary one :)
Jerry is an active and acrobatic Orangutan.
Jerry has a slightly problem with his eyes, but it doesn't stop him from swinging from trees to trees.

He's rarely go down from the trees, but He would be more than happy to stay with you for 90000 IDR (adoption fee, 10% belongs to the real Orangutan at the conservatory)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

to make up the last post :)

yeah, the last post was awful, so I took my crochet and make this guy :)

He is Buba, the bear.
a lovely bear who love to cook and play golf

PS: the orangutanku project is a permanent project, I'll make some updates again sometimes.

Just in case you are wondering

I love making crochetted toys, but did I ever make any other crochetted things?
Yes, I did, I rarely did, because the results are awful.
when I was a 2nd grade students (elementary school), I made a crochetted tea set, a very small tea set, with tea cups.
I thought I was making a very cool craft, there was rarely a 7 years old girl who can do crochet.
But my teacher was not agree with me, because all she saw was just some scrap of yarns.
Oh she didn't understand the beauty of my craft  :-P

Now, since I've started making crochetted toys, I tried making something else with yarn.
I made cardigans, it's so ugly, I won't share the picture here.
And last week, I made a camera pouch for my disderi camera
i though I was making a disderi shaped camera pouch

well, you see... I failed again
the star is too small.. and the pouch size is too big for the camera, and it's already my 2nd attempt to make the right size.
Oh.. really crochet is not my thing

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hmm.. maybe I'm being bad. (definitely I am)
I think this orangutan's face looked like one of my dearest friend.
And we used to say that she looked like Ginanjar, an actor/comedian.
Well I won't name the orangutan with my friend's name, so let's call the orangutan Ginanjar :)

 see? his eyes are so Ginanjar-ish!
Ginanjar the Orangutan has a good sense of humor too

Ginanjar available for adoption for 150000 IDR
Get him fast, Ginanjar is famous :)
10% gained from the adoption will be saved for the real orangutan

PS: Dear friend, so sorry if you read this, I miss you to much, I see your face everywhere :-P

Friday, June 11, 2010

OrangUtanku #2: Orange

Meet Orange, the soft and kindhearted Orangutan.
She's a little bit shy but She's get along with people well.

She has black round eyes
She was made using imported Korean Yarn (they didn't tell me what its name)
The yarn was worsted to make it softer
She is 10 cm tall from the head to bottom (sitting position)
and 16 cm wide from arm to arm
Her color is the most similar to the orangutan character design on my animation.
The name Orange is taken from the animation character's name.

She's available for adoption for 200000 IDR
15% goes to the real Orangutan via BOS Foundation

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OrangUtanku #1: Gede

I called this one "Gede" (means big), because she's the biggest of all OrangUtan dolls I ever made,
feel free to renamed her once she is yours :)
Gede is 9 cm tall (sitting position)
Gede is made using local cotton yarn and plastic brown eyes.

Gede available for adoption for 150000 IDR (check the currency here)


Last year I went to the zoo and met the Orangutan.
Funny, we're both orang (people), and we're Indonesian.

Nothing wrong with that zoo but,
it makes me think of a lot of Orangutans back in Indonesia.
How they are threatened because of loosing their home.
I don't blame anyone for this, but I do want to help the Orangutans, and you can join me too.
Let's help the orangutan return to their home.

I'm making new series named OrangUtanku (my Pongo). I made Orangutan doll based on my character design for an animation. And they are available for adoptions. Every 10% earned from the doll adoptions will be saved to adopt real Orangutan via BOS.

While the real orangutan adoption means taking care of an orangutan's needs at the shelter for some period, OrangUtanku adoption means you'll get a cute and cuddly orangutan doll stay with you as long as you want. Please don't stop if you care and want to adopt real orang utan too and do not hesitate to link to this page or directly to BOS

Find out more about OrangUtanku here

PS: now I'm officially receive paypal too :)

The World Cup is Coming!!!

I never consider myself as a sport fans, but World Cup is coming!!!
So I made this Jakumi doll.
I couldn't make the doll similar to the real Zakumi, so I made my own version as part of the gigi series :)

It would be shameful to call it Zakumi, so this is Jakumi, fake Zakumi
He is a Zakumi fans.

Indonesia is not yet participating at this World Cup :(
So my support goes to the France team, since I was born at France :)

whichever team you are supporting, Let's Celebrate the World Cup! YAY!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Picnic with the little bird

We knew that the little bird loves ice cream

What about other sweet things? Look at that Strawberry cake!

AH! He found the Ice Cream!

"Thanks, Dude!"

See? Birds do have teeth :D
Now you know why I didn't make it to the science class.
The food at the set are erasers, cute right?
and they are cheaper than plastic food miniatures :)

PS: I'm allergic to birds feather, so it's impossible for me to check on real bird's teeth

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waiting room

I get bored of waiting for that administrative stuff (to open that 'store')
it's been a week, and there would be more waits :(
So, I took my hook and doing another dolls for the gigi series :D

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Rat

I made it last night.
Rat is the first animal on Chinese Zodiac, and also my zodiac :)

Hickory, dickory, dock,
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one,
The mouse ran down,
Hickory, dickory, dock.

The "Hickory Dickory Dock" toys behind was my favorite toys when I was a toddler :)
I made the dolls while memorizing the song.