Monday, September 19, 2011

tiny addiction

do you ever been so busy, you had many task, but instead doing the task you are doing something else you knew it's not urgent thing to do?

I did. just did.
it was because of the Teeny Tiny Mochimochi book.
Making tiny amigurumi is very addictive!
I made the tiny phone when waiting for the slow internet connection,
and later I found that I can't stop making tiny amigurumi.
instead of finishing some commission, I made tiny android and later tiny twitter bird.

here's the big android I made weeks ago with the tiny android.

 the big Android with a phone with tiny android

well I have made some android dolls before, and making the tiny android is the first thing I wanna do as I learned the tiny technique from that book.

and here's the knitted tiny version of my twittering bird.

 love so tweet <3

I made crocheted twittering bird a long time ago (and shared the pattern)
embroidery is just not my thing, so I could only made one heart at one side, and leave the other side empty :p

the tiny amigurumi size is so perfect as phone charm, all I need now is a new phone


  1. Pertamaaaxxx :D
    lucu-lucu mbak hehehe, ada yg angrybird ndak? ato angryroach? :P

  2. twitter birdnya lucuuu bangeeettt.. :)

  3. Makasih, para pengunjung :)

    @Ruw 19: angry roach mau ah bikin, tp dr dulu nyoba ngedesain belum nemu eksekusi yg pas
    kalo angry birds kayanya mah dilewat saja, udah banyak yg bikin