Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Po

I just watch Kungfu Panda 2, and I can write a long story (with spoilers) about how I love the movie.
but since I don't like to be a spoiler I will just write about the little panda plushy that instantly caught my eyes.
courtesy of Dreamworks (but I grab the picture from some Forum)

at the very same second as we saw that plushy, my brother told me, I should make that little Panda Plushy. I couldn't agree more. I want one! for me.

the little panda in the movie perhaps sewn, not knitted, but since I can only knit/crochet, so here it is.

I tried to make it as similar as in the movie, but in the end I can't recreate the exact same face, the black part at its body is to big, and last thing:
I'm not sure about the details at the body, is it a Chinese character or just some random embroidery.
I can't read Chinese so I'd rather not making the embroideries at all.

both of my sisters said that my Panda doesn't looked as old and dull as the little Panda at the movie.  so it would be a great help if anybody could lend me a time machine to get that dull look :)


  1. hai mba desy, salam kenal ya.. ini aku ada award buat mbak, diambil ya..

    thx :)