Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Teeny Tiny Phone

when my friends looking at my amigurumis, they said my amigurumi are too small.
they mostly suggest me to make something bigger, at least use bigger size of yarn.
Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochiland says the otherwise.
She is the author of the Teeny Tiny Mochimochi (knitted amigurumi book)

since I learn to make knitted toy from her first book, I'm so happy to find that her second book is also available at Times Bookstore Indonesia.
I'm not a good book reviewer, cause I would wrote that I really love the book, but really the book is fun to read and also inspiring.
it's a must have book for knitter (or knitter to be).
instead writing a long review, I made a tiny telephone based on the pattern from the book.

instead knitting the dial, I used button and add some beady eyes.
the finished size is unbelievably tiny, what is also unbelievable is that I could make it!

 a perfect size compared to my miniature

now compare it to the telephone I made months ago, do you still think my amigurumi is too small? :)


  1. o my God....
    it's so tiny...... :-o *surprissed*

    yaampun, cute banget deh...
    pengen nyoba bikin jadinya.... :D

  2. yup, it's very tiny, I'm also surprised

    yuk, coba bikin juga, beli deh bukunya bener2 mantabbbb

  3. berapa harganya ya?
    besok coba nyari ah....