Sunday, March 3, 2013

OMGrumi: Django Unchained

after making amigurumi for 5 years, I have a big box full of amigurumis.
I have trouble keeping them all and selling it might be a wise decision, but the problem is not every amigurumi made to be sold.
Some friends suggest me to focus on making amigurumi for the shop only or made by order, so I still can do my hobby while also getting money and no longer have problem in keeping every amigurumi.
but what's fun about that?
I don't think I will be happy by knitting/ crocheting the same amigurumi again and again just because it sell the most.  I make amigurumi cause I want too, just like this Django amigurumi.  it's not for sale of course, but I'm having a very great time making this amigurumi, which is priceless.
I instantly decided that I have to make Django amigurumi in that blue costume as I watched the movie because the costume is too ridiculous! I'm a fan of European costume, so I think Django made a very "good" choice on his costume as a freeman, too bad he didn't keep it until the end.  I like the movie very much.

I recently bought some rivet tools, and I already used it to add some buttons to the costume.  I misplaced the buttons, but since it looks good so I didn't fix it :p


  1. That is awesome! :D, I have been looking for ages for something like this to make for my film teacher for her birthday, do you have the pattern for this that i could borrow? thanks :)

    1. Thanks! but sorry I don't have the pattern cause I made it without any pattern.