Sunday, January 27, 2013

I didn't say blackberry

thankfully I have some spare time that I could update this blog before the end of January.
about the deadlines.
as predicted, it's not dead yet. it's a zombieline
I did work as fast as I could and they postponed the deadline again.
facing deadlines means there would be a lot of pressures, postponed the deadline didn't make perfection, it's only prolonged the pressure.
That's why I can't wait after the uncertain deadline I need to knit so badly.

it's not a big project, it's a mini project, and it's not even a new pattern,
there's no concept behind this amigurumi.  I just thought a black bird would be cute.

Black bird and the strawberries

really, I didn't say blackberry, it's blackbird and strawberries!

I just happy to see the color of the strawberries :)
it's just my personal opinion, nature and the sun give the best color in photograph, you don't even need any special effect.


  1. Jadi itu stroberi yg 18 ribu tapi (tetap) enak ? :)