Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Flamingo Giveaway announcement

So sorry for the postponed announcement, thanks for participating on the giveaway :)

there are no doomsday (not yet, not now)
What's happened at December 21st was no doomsday, just some flood puddle.
I I never been trapped in flood for my first year in Jakarta until that day.
I was going to catch a train to Bandung, I already got the ticket.
The problem was one hour before the departure, it was raining heavily.
and like always, after the rain, the flood puddle came, and then the traffic jams.
Luckily it's not really far, I could go there by foot.  but some morons in motorcycle ride their motorcycle at the sidewalk made me trapped in another traffic.  yes, at the sidewalk, me walking side by side those morons in motorcycle, as if the rain and the flood wasn't bad enough.
I arrived at the train station on time, with wet and dirty clothes from head to toe.
I felt stupid when I finally on the train and saw no passenger as messy as me.
anyway,  I left the flamingo (for the giveaway) at the office.  I forgot to bring it along to Bandung, that's why the giveaway announcement is postponed.  And thankfully because of that, the flamingo is not damaged by the flood.

so.....  the winner of the Flamingo giveaway is Ghoulfang,
because even though there's no apocalypse, loneliness is a very terrifying thing for Flamingos.

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