Sunday, January 13, 2013

deadline, undeadline, zombieline

I won't be available to update this blog for a while.
it's for a while because I want it to be a short period but it's not up to me.

So I'm having a deadline in my daily job as animator layout setter drafter office lady (?)
I hope it's a deadline, but who knows it might be an undead-line or zombie-line.
in the bright side, I also have another deadline in my freelance job.  (it's bright, cause I like the project).
and of course a deadline for a special amigurumi project.
the amigurumi project is almost done.  I've done all the knitting/ crocheting, I'm still collecting some property for the photo session.
but I can't upload it any soon, not before March :(

to make a new post in this blog, I have to finish the deadlines first then make another (not so special) amigurumi. when will it be? time will give you the answer.

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