Monday, June 16, 2014

Fuleco the Armadillo

after missing so many events , now it's time for 2014 FIFA World Cup!
as the commemoration I made Armadillo amigurumi (based on Fuleco, the 2014 World Cup mascot).


armadillo 4

armadillo 3

Sorry for the blurry pictures, because it is raining everyday, and cloudy all day long, and I didn't use the flash.

Making the head part was very difficult, and I really proud of the eyes part.  I love the big and bright eyes.  I sew the eyes while singing "Waka Waka".  Yes, Waka Waka by Shakira, the 2010 World Cup theme song, because.... I don't remember how the 2014 theme song is.  The supermarket plays the songs, but I can't remember it.

and by the way, is it only me, or the armadillo looks like some kind of Pok√©mon? 

I also made Zakumi, back at 2010


  1. ahhhh lucunyaaaaa ken des.. theme song 2014 yg nyanyi pittbull hohoho... ^^

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