Thursday, January 26, 2012

who are the lucky slash crazy cockroach winners?

thank you for joining the cockroach giveaway.
I'm having a great time reading all the entries, there are total 56 entries.
3 of them claimed not to want any cockroach, too bad (it really makes me want to send them the real cockroach.).
Yes, I'm one of the person who would make a prank using cockroaches :P
apparently, there are at least there are 11 more people who would love to make prank using cockroach too.
6 people would love to have the knitted cockroach for memory sake and nostalgic reason,
18 people would love to give knitted cockroach to their loved one for various reason. Makes me wonder, could it be a favorite gift for husbands?
5 people requested the pattern, so I guess the next valentine they would definitely sending cockroaches instead of chocolates.
4 people would love to decorate their home even the kitchen with cockroach.
7 people have/had real cockroaches as their pet.
17 person claimed as the cockroach fans, friend, alien friend, even a cockroach king.


group hugs!

cockroach invasion


But I think no one can beat Travis, the world record bearer for putting the most cockroaches in his mouth, therefor, I'm proudly announced him as the winner of cockroach giveaway.
as I wrote before, I would give extra cockroaches for crazy answer.
so Travis, you win 11 cockroaches just like your record. But please don't put them in your mouth, it could be a choking hazzard.

the next winner is ccosner, cause she has write a long essay about cockroach.
and the last but not the least winner is Ruw19 the Rajo Kapuyuak (King of cockroach), because he was my colleague who inspired me to make the cockroach amigurumi.
He's the one in charge of catching cockroaches at the studios with bare hands.
This reason might be personal, but he's also the first to answer the cockroach giveaway, so I think it's fair enough.

congratulations for the winners, please contact me as soon as possible, so I could send the cockroaches :)

since it's really a fun project, I could make some more extra cockroaches whenever I want to, cause I do respect my crazy fellow. just wait for it :)

and for those who don't love cockroaches, don't worry, I will make another giveaway someday.  But I don't know yet whether it would be sweet or another scary giveaway.
any suggestion?


  1. Asiiikkk... Thank you so much mbak Des :D

  2. Hi I love the cockroaches :) is there a place where I can buy the recipe for the funny crazy animals? they are just so beautiful made ​​- Jen Denmark