Friday, January 20, 2012

OMGrumi: Jupe

when I started the OMGrumi of famous people,  I thought it was easy to just make an amigurumi (crocheted toys) based on some random famous people.
Later, I find out that I don't want to make a doll version of just random famous people.  I need to like the real person first, that's why this time I choose Julia Perez or Jupe.

She's an entertainer, and she's fenomenal.
I never watch her movie, nor listening to her song, so I'm not really a fans but I'm a pro Jupe.
Many people think bad about her because of her appearance (it's her gift anyway, don't blame her for being sexy), but when I watch her in a talk show, I believe she's actually a smart and brave lady.
yesterday, she made the news again because of her costume when she's watching Katy Perry's concert.
And I instantly decided, I must make an amigurumi of her :)
Let's just hope there's no stupid law against her costume.

PS: I know Jupe's costume which was designed by Aming was inspired by Katy Perry, but the one who inspired the making of this doll is Jupe.  Sorry that I consciously miss the best details on the costume :p

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  1. hehe kutang kerannya yaa..tapi lucu dehh bisa bikin begitu :)