Thursday, March 13, 2014

I think I'm gonna be Insane

I haven't write for too long, I haven't make any amigurumi for too long.
I'm gonna be insane.

I'm not the busiest person in the work, you see I still have time to blogging.
There's a new project in the office, and the schedule are changed so there are more work to do.
meanwhile, I still doing some freelance projects.

I still have time to make amigurumi but my hands are tired doing the job on the day.
My real job, my freelance job and making amigurumi, all are using both hands.
I'm not a spider, I only got a pair of hands.
well, I hope someday I can knit using my feet.

Oh by the way, I hired some extra hands recently.  will tell you later about it ;)

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