Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Where Have You Been?

It's been so long since the last post!  I think I knitted some amigurumis but didn't post them because those were based on others' pattern.

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lately I've been using my crochet hook to insert polyfill to fabric dolls.
Yup. I started to use fabric for my new dolls.
I've been wanting to learn to sew for as long as I remember.  I remember tagging along my mother's social gathering while trying to sew a doll cloth.  I probably was 5 or 6  years old because later I  developed an antisocial tendency :P

When I was 13 I like sewing doll using flanel but I only started sewing with real cloth recently (December 2017).

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I started making fabric dolls for my experimental project during my residency in Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia earlier this year. Then it became an obsession because sewing is actually fun.  I could make some shapes that is difficult to do with crochet technique.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

MAY! I'm glad it's still 2017

And here's the story about the project, probably the boring part :)

There is a giveaway challenge on facebook and I really want the needle.  The challenge is to make knitted keychain.  The rule says it has to be cute, but I want it to be crazy or playful.

SO I started making sketches:

I need to consider my knitting skill, because unlike crocheted amigurumi, modifying the parts in knitted amigurumi is more difficult.
I thought of creating amigurumi based on meme, but there was no fun meme lately.
I also thought of making the celebgram into amigurumi version, but I don't like her nor inspired.
I did try to make a Cisewu tiger, but I unravel it because I can't do the color work. 

SO plan B: making another design which is The Niffler.
I focused on the keychain inside the pocket and thinking on how to make the pocket works, because The Niffler has a pocket, right?
(The Niffler from Fantastic Beasts)

So what happened in 36 hours are knit-knit-knit.  I did sleep for few hours, take a shower (wow I'm proud of myself), lunch, dinner, etc.  But yeah, I almost never put down my needles, till my finger bleed.  Knitting is harmless, I hurt my finger when attaching the eyes with washer.

In the end of the day, I managed to finish the amigurumi at 11:30 PM, but the deadline is postponed until a week later.
What an anticlimax :D

But I think it's nice that I didn't know it was postponed, because I would have procrastinating.  I did knit in 36 hours before the "deadline" because I have cold for days.  If I knew the deadline is another week, maybe I would not be able to make anything because next week I have a lot of things to do, including playing Fire Emblem Echoes (they said, it would be released on May 19th)

Anyway, I wonder what's happened to my brain?  why all my latest amigurumis are birds?  Platypus is a mammal, but it looks like a duck right?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Rooster Year

2017 will be a Rooster year, based on Lunar calendar.
I made this rooster amigurumi on Sunday and I plan on posting the pattern but suddenly I got lazy (it's Tuesday already)

Our house has a wide front yard with a lot of plants and trees, sometimes a chicken family have a picnic there.  The roosters at our village don't have clock, so sometimes they crow cock a doodle do at midnight.  You just can't rely on them.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Reborn Project

It's October 2016!  I've been away for way too long!
I was so busy with everything, like new work habbits, never ending "new rules", freelance project, and preparing my trip to Dok Leipzig 2016.  I almost had no time to relax since July.
Then "yesterday" happened.
I had to resign from the company I've been working for almost 5 years :(
Although I said that I wanted to resign, and I didn't really like the job, but I was so devastated that I have to quit without any plan or preparation.  It's a love-hate situations, but since there was love, even a very tiny little bit, it is really painful.
But I know it's the best for everyone. I understand.  And I am still proud for ever be a part of the company.

ANYWAY... since the moment was right, after I came home yesterday, I made the "reborn project".
Actually I had this idea for a long time, but have no time to do it.  Since I have no excuse, I made the project last night.
So I found a wind-up-chick at Sukajadi market (I think It was only one dollar, very cheap).  Since Dok Leipzig logo (or is it mascot?) is a white dove, then I reskin it into an amigurumi dove.
Of course it is anatomically wrong, the proportion is wrong, so at least let's try to make it cute.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

I have Instagram

I've been using flickr for years, and I still like it.

but now I also use instagram!  honestly, at first I made it to buy sushi and sportwear.
now I use it to follow awesome people, and it could be you.

I rarely post anything, but feel free to take a look at my instagram :)

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Oh I finally finished my animation! so I am currently brainstorming for my next project. shall I learn to sew first, ot shall I crochet something, or shall I write something else first?

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 No More Drawa No No No Drawa

Happy New Year Everyone!

by the time I'm writing this post, some people on the different part of the world haven't celebrate the New Year.
Yesterday, on New Year eve, I just remember that I haven't updated this blog for way too long.  A year was about to pass without me ever hold the crochet hook.  So instead of working (YES, I was at the office on New Year Eve), I started and finished this amigurumi. I did finished it before New Year, but I just took the photos this morning.

The amigurumi is based on Drawa, the first version of Asian Games 2018 Mascot.  Drawa is a Cendrawasih which also called the bird of paradise.  A beautiful bird from Papua.  The design was announced just a few days ago and a lot of people unhappy with the design.  They said the design is dull.  Thanks to the social media, the Minister of sport heard that, so He announced that the mascot will be redesigned before the end of January.

Personally, I think the design is okay, it looks unfinished but could be improved.  I don't hate the design, but after trying to crochet it, the tail design and the sarong design don't make sense.  How can Drawa use the sarong properly with his tails?

the real design which cause a lot of complains.

photos taken at my mother's garden.  cute flowers right?

I made a lot of error, like the missing toe fingers and the tail is mirrored :p

Friday, October 30, 2015

Safety Eye' Washer Tutorial

My little sister has a stuffed toy project and she bought a pair of big safety eyes.
Similar to the ones I used for my amigurumis, only bigger and they don't come with washer.
Washer is the plastic you put behind the safety eye.

Safety eyes with washers

I googled "install safety eyes without washer" and the solution is to use glue.
So I decided to try my own way. Making the washer using bottle cap.

All you need is bottle cap, nail and hammer.
Make the hole at the bottle cap, it doesn't have to be neat, just make sure it's not to wide or to tight for the safety eyes.


You can cut the side of the bottle cap, but it's not necessary.