Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Genie in a bottle

there are so many things to do, and another week has passed.

I barely made another tiny amigurumi yesterday.
yup, another tiny, because the time was not enough to make the regular amigurumi.

a genie in a salt bottle.
set him free, he'll grant you three tiny wishes.
if he really could grant my three wishes, I would wish for a permanent job, wealth and to put him back in the bottle.

I found the bottle in a supermarket without genie, so you'll know who trapped the genie into the bottle. Me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

tiny addiction

do you ever been so busy, you had many task, but instead doing the task you are doing something else you knew it's not urgent thing to do?

I did. just did.
it was because of the Teeny Tiny Mochimochi book.
Making tiny amigurumi is very addictive!
I made the tiny phone when waiting for the slow internet connection,
and later I found that I can't stop making tiny amigurumi.
instead of finishing some commission, I made tiny android and later tiny twitter bird.

here's the big android I made weeks ago with the tiny android.

 the big Android with a phone with tiny android

well I have made some android dolls before, and making the tiny android is the first thing I wanna do as I learned the tiny technique from that book.

and here's the knitted tiny version of my twittering bird.

 love so tweet <3

I made crocheted twittering bird a long time ago (and shared the pattern)
embroidery is just not my thing, so I could only made one heart at one side, and leave the other side empty :p

the tiny amigurumi size is so perfect as phone charm, all I need now is a new phone

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Teeny Tiny Phone

when my friends looking at my amigurumis, they said my amigurumi are too small.
they mostly suggest me to make something bigger, at least use bigger size of yarn.
Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochiland says the otherwise.
She is the author of the Teeny Tiny Mochimochi (knitted amigurumi book)

since I learn to make knitted toy from her first book, I'm so happy to find that her second book is also available at Times Bookstore Indonesia.
I'm not a good book reviewer, cause I would wrote that I really love the book, but really the book is fun to read and also inspiring.
it's a must have book for knitter (or knitter to be).
instead writing a long review, I made a tiny telephone based on the pattern from the book.

instead knitting the dial, I used button and add some beady eyes.
the finished size is unbelievably tiny, what is also unbelievable is that I could make it!

 a perfect size compared to my miniature

now compare it to the telephone I made months ago, do you still think my amigurumi is too small? :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mak Ndes Homemade (Amigurumi) Cookies

if you were living at Bandung, you must knew about Maicih
Ma or Mak is an informal title to call woman especially old woman.
(hopefully) I'm not that old, but if I were that old, maybe I would refer myself as Mak Ndes.
Ma Icih making hot and spicy cassava chips, Mak Ndes making sweet but low sugar cookies.
I have a lot of time to spend at home so I made a lot of cookies.

Kue Gem, the classic cookies with colorful sugar icing at the top
IDR 125.000/ jar
available 4 jars (24 cookies in every jar)

Nastar, cheese based cookies with pineapple fills and cheese sprinkles
IDR 175.000,00/ jar
available 1 jar

leave a comment or send me a message if you are interested :)
the cookies are packed in small glass jar (about 10 cm or 4 inch height)

WARNING: no matter how cute or sweet those cookies, it's not edible, and it's not safe for small children

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Po

I just watch Kungfu Panda 2, and I can write a long story (with spoilers) about how I love the movie.
but since I don't like to be a spoiler I will just write about the little panda plushy that instantly caught my eyes.
courtesy of Dreamworks (but I grab the picture from some Forum)

at the very same second as we saw that plushy, my brother told me, I should make that little Panda Plushy. I couldn't agree more. I want one! for me.

the little panda in the movie perhaps sewn, not knitted, but since I can only knit/crochet, so here it is.

I tried to make it as similar as in the movie, but in the end I can't recreate the exact same face, the black part at its body is to big, and last thing:
I'm not sure about the details at the body, is it a Chinese character or just some random embroidery.
I can't read Chinese so I'd rather not making the embroideries at all.

both of my sisters said that my Panda doesn't looked as old and dull as the little Panda at the movie.  so it would be a great help if anybody could lend me a time machine to get that dull look :)