Sunday, January 30, 2011

the Chinese Gold Ornament

lately I love to go to shops/ malls seeing the Chinese New Year Decorations.
Not because I'm celebrating it, but it's Gold everywhere (I knew it's fake)
Since I'm more like Uncle Scrooge than a Daisy Duck, I really love seeing money and other valuable stone :)
I'm not Chinese but I thought it would be interesting to have some Chinese gold ornament for the Chinese New Year.

You might try too, I wrote the pattern but actually never tested it yet, so please understand if there were some mistakes.
And don't forget to hope for better prosperity :)

Oh It's shinning! it must be gold :p

 the pattern (right click then "save as")

Friday, January 28, 2011

Orangutanku #0 : Nody

remember my orangutanku project?

I was planning to make about 26 orangutan dolls last year and sell it to adopt a real orangutan on the shelter.

I failed making all 26 orangutan dolls before the end of 2010, and I don't think that I will try reaching the target this year.
it's not because I stopped to care, but there's a new project waiting. I would still gladly make you an orangutan doll and the 15% gained from the adoptional fee would belong to the real orangutan at the shelter as a donation.  So the different is I would only make orangutan dolls by order.

Failed to reach the target, doesn't mean failed reaching the goal.
Here's the good news, I finally adopted Nody, a 3 years old orangutan boy via BOSF.

He's cute, right?

for now I only adopted Nody for 3 months period, but I think I will continue the adoption after the next 3 months.  BOSF sent me the story of Nody, so it's like I have a kid, paying for his food, but takes no responsibility (which is FUN!).  like my sister said, at least we know our money used for something good.

So... if you are thinking to spend your money for a good cause, you might try adopting orangutans.

by the way, when I started the orangutanku project, I made a prototype, which I really love and I kept for myself. therefor you won't see him available for adoption.

Now I name this orangutan doll Nody, like my real orangutan boy :)

special thanks to Uli and Indra who already adopted orangutan dolls.

PS: will announce the new project soonish ;)
PSS: it's Nody, Not Yadi!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


a friend of mine who was my classmate at Junior High school, whose brother was classmate to my sister at the same Junior High School, who then studying at the same college (same subject) with my sister, then works at the same company also with my sister, ask me to make a smile emoticon from Yahoo! Messenger.

it's always fun telling the story of that person :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

collaboration with my sister

My sister gave me the Knitwit book by Katie Boyette for my birthday (a review will coming soon)
I didn't know what to do during the Christmas Holiday (which didn't really happen tho)
so my sister challenged me to make a knitted Ninja for her boyfriend.
That's sounded weird right? knitting for someone's boyfriend, when I knew that my sister could knit too even better than me, so we made a deal,
I knit, she sew.

Since she's only staying at home during the holiday, I had to finish knitting before the holiday's over.
I was sleeping like a dog on New Year's eve, but I stay awake on the night after just to finish knitting the doll then leave my sister to sew all the parts.

I only take few pictures on the last minute before she's going back to her home.
I think it's pretty good for our first collaboration after so many long time (since she accidentally cut my thumb, not a deep wound, only changed a little part of my finger print)

by the way, it's the second amigurumi we made together.  We made a Dad-gurumi when we were little.
I don't know where it is now. Back then she did the crochet, I sew.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gloomy Bear

let's take a look back to 2010,
My colleague asked me to make a Gloomy Bear amigurumi for his girlfriend.
the birthday was on December 31st

 Gloomy amigurumi Bear with the real Gloomy Bear keychain

I made the eyes using flanel, definitely the hardest part to made.
Unfortunately I'm unable to make it covered with blood :p

UPDATE,  here's the picture from the birthday (courtesy of Wickana)

of course the cake was not from me... :p

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Going Green Went Wrong

* read the title 3 times fast, what a torture to my tongue

if you can't see new picture of my new amigurumi, it was because of the "going green went wrong".
Last week (or last year), I bought  shampoo at the supermarket.
since it was the only thing I bought, instead of using plastic bag, I put the shampoo (bottle of shampoo) into my bag, then I go shopping with my sister.
Later when I was looking at my wallet, I found my wallet, and my phone, and my camera covered with shampoo.

I could still use my camera, but it's never the same.
since it was never really my camera (it was my Dad's), I decided to buy a new camera.
it is written at the manual book:

d*mn, they knew there's someone dumb enough to wash a camera with shampoo.
why didn't I read this before.
well it's a new year, new camera, and there will be a lot of new amigurumi dolls, just wait :)

by the way, I got an E-mail today,
the Android doll has arrived to his/her new place :)

read sketpoison's blog post about the android doll here

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

I did wrote a long post before the electricity went out, then the post gone before I uploaded it.

Happy New Year for 2011!

May you have a prosperous year!

thanks you for visiting this blog in the past years, and thank you for re-visiting or maybe visiting this blog for the first time at 2011 :)

some of my dolls from 2008 to 2010

I would like to say thank you very much for all the giveaway participants, thanks for all the creative and wonderful comment, and it's still fun to read them all again and again.
if  I have more extra hands, I would like to make a doll for every you.
So the winner of the hand-knitted android doll is........

I hope it is fair to choose her since she wrote that she love android, and I like her birthday wishes too.  I think it's funny.  But for me, it's really not fair... she already has an android phone while I don't have the android phone that I want (yet).
Just kidding, congratulations, Sketchpoison :)

I honestly love all the other comments too, so I think I would make another Giveaway on my next birthday.
is it too long?
Don't worry I think I might make another giveaway on Valentine's day because I love you, or on April Fools because ehm... let's say because I want to.