Sunday, March 21, 2010


I watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 2 weeks ago
The characters are amazing, the chesire cat is cute, but my favorite is Bandersnatch.
SO.. I made the amigurumi version of Bandersnatch, based on my sketch, based on my foggy memories of the movie.
I totally forgot that I could use google for getting the image of Bandersnatch.
And actually, Tim Burton's Bandersnatch images are rarely found on google.
So, please forgive me for shamelessly call this as "Bandersnatch", cause I knew I missed many details.
I really love this character, so maybe someday I made a better Bandersnatch amigurumi.

NEWS UPDATE (November 10 2011):
this Bandersnatch is not for sale, and since it was made using special yarns (which is not always available), it's impossible to recreate this plushy. I'm very sorry that I could not provide pattern for this toy, since it was made a long time ago.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Idea Lamp

This week I had an idea blockages.
So this time I made the most important amigurumi, The Idea.
He is an Idea Lamp, just like in most cartoon or comic.
But of course mine should have some teeth to make it shine brighter :D

click on the picture for a better view

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lion Tamer

remember the Sunshine the Lion?
He's getting wild, so I hired a Lion Tamer,
Leon The Lion Tamer.

the last picture was taken by my little sister, Nolwenn.
She took it secretly when I was taking shower.
It looked good right?
tough she revealed the "magic trick" of the background :D